This is a company that specialises in dealing with people who live abroad. They have been selling casks of whisky for 2400 and we have received complaints from investors living in Italy, Canada, Bermuda, the Far East and Sweden. The Directors of the company are Antony Evans and Dennis Edward O'Connor and they operate from 11 Berkeley Street, Mayfair, London. They are still trading since they do not target people in this country so the

D.T.I. have not received any complaints.

One investor purchased 15 hogsheads from Glennstewart at an average price of 2405. In 1997 Evans wrote to him 'I would expect to achieve a minimum price of 2000 per cask including the bottling is and would hope to have disposed of them by the end of March next year'. One year and a half later he had still not disposed of them and eventually we offered the casks for sale by tender and the highest bid we receive was under 700 per cask.

Another investor paid 5040 for two cask of 1988 malt but hasn't been advised what whisky he has bought or where it has been bonded. Again he was advised last year that the whisky could be sold for 2000 per cask but has heard nothing from Glennstewart since. Unfortunately in May 1999 they sold him one of the infamous hogsheads of Grand Champagne Cognac 1993 stored at Speyside Bonding Company for over 3000. Bristol Spirits a reputable spirit merchant advise us that it is extremely difficult to find a buyer because of the tremendous glut of cognac and in their opinion it is only worth between 500 and 1000.

If anyone has any further information on this companies activities please let us know.

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