I bought a hogshead of Grandtully whisky from Marshall Wineries. I can't contact the company and all I know is that it is 1995 newflll and it is stored at Speyside Bonding Company in Glasgow. What can I do, I paid for it by cheque?.

Marshall Wineries was one of the companies closed down by the DTI for misrepresentation. Grandtully whisky is actually a new single malt whisky produced by Speyside Distillery at Kingussie. This is a new distillery opened in 1990 the brain child of George Christie a well known whisky blender. Consequently it is only in the spring of 2001 that the distillery can launch the Speyside as a 10 year old single malt. I have seen an 8 year old Speyside very fancily bottled with an elaborate label stating that the Speyside is the only single malt entitled to be called Speyside. Ironic really since Kingussie is not really on Speyside. I recently talked to the Marketing Manager at Speyside and enquired whether with the launch looming would he be interested in buying back any malt? He was not very forthcoming other to say that he thought that they had retained sufficient stock for the next few years. So what can be done? It is exceedingly difficult to sell. On the other hand the 3 year old has been described as "very smooth and delicate, well-balanced with a lingering gentle finish - a welcome addition to Scotland's malt portfolio". Best advice I believe is to hold on to it and see how the market develops. At 5 years it is still very young and we should know more about its pedigree in another 3 years.


I have a hogshead of 1990 Bowmore purchased from Napier Spirit Company. I got my money back from the

Bank of Scotland because I paid the deposit by credit card but they made me keep the whisky at its present valuation. What can I do?

I believe you have 3 options.:-

1. You are fortunate in that Bowmore is a malt that is wanted by the market, you could sell for about 4.20 per litre about 670 for a hogshead. It's probably a lot less than you paid for it but you might have actually made a profit depending on the valuation accepted by Bank of Scotland.

2. You could keep it until it is 12 or 15 years old the price per litre will rise as it gets older but remember the volume of whisky actually decreased with age.

3. You could bottle it - at cask strength you will get about 300 bottles from a 10 year old malt, it will cost about 400 to bottle and you will need to find about 2000 for duty, but remember you only have to pay duty when you take it out of bond. You will need plenty of friends to help you drink it! Bowmore is a top quality Islay malt with that distinctive lslay taste - smoky, pungent almost medicinal.


I bought a cask of Fassiefern single malt whisky from Ewart Maclaren but I can't find it in any malt whisky guides. What is it and what can I do with it?

Fassiefern was the name given to whisky specially produced by "Ben Nevis" for Ewart Maclaren. It is a Ben

Nevis single malt and if you telephone Colin Ross at Ben Nevis distillery he may be willing to buy it from you at the present market price.


Hamilton Spirit management company sold me a cask of Grand Champagne Cognac 1993 for 4750 and a cask of Glen Scotia for 2950. I now find that the cognac is bonded in Scotland and the Glen Scotia in France. What can I do?

Unfortunately the cognac industry is in a worse state than the whisky industry, with massive over supply and declining demand. We are advised that the 1993 Grand Champagne cognac is in fact Brugerolle produced mainly for the home French market hence its slightly sweet taste. A cask is probably worth between 500 - 1000 but the problem is finding a buyer. Might be worth bottling though.

The Glen Scotia is more of a problem. It is said to be bonded with Reau Richards cie in Cognac but to my knowledge no one has had a reply from this company. We believe it is now held by C.C.G. and you need to speak to

Alan Martung Finance Director on 0033545823210

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