Many thanks for the offers of financial assistance with the proposal in my last newsletter for a superior blend based on the Tobermory Single Malt. I have still not acquired the 30 year old grain whisky that I was planning to use to create the'blend but I am still hopeful. In the meantime I have bottled a 10 year old Tobermory for Christmas and produced some miniatures so you can sample what your whisky is really like. An order form is included with this newsletter.

Single malt whisky sales

Don't go to the supermarket to buy your single malt - help your fellow investors and order from our collection of bottled single malts all at cask strength so you can add water to taste. Remember it could be your cask next year. If you have a 12 year old cask or older contact us with a view to


Price Check

We have successfully sold many casks over the past year mainly 12 & 15 year old Hogsheads. Once

again we have to say that if you can find an independent bottler who wants your cask then you will

achieve a much better price. These are some of the prices we have been able to achieve recently with


15 year old Macallan                      7 per litre

15 year old Highland Park                7 per litre

15 year old Allta a Bainne                  3.50 per litre

15 year old Glenrothes                       5.50 per litre

10 year old Speyside                         2.55 per litre

12 year old Tobermory                         2.62 per litre

If you are interested in selling your casks please email us on or phone 01539

729555 and we will try and get you the best price on offer

Isle ofArran Distillers--Investors shafted yet again.

Investors with casks of Isle of Arran single malt recently received a letter from the Distillers advising them

that there has been "a substantial over supply of malt fillings which has resulted in a large overhang in the

market resulting in a considerable reduction in prices"

Well, yes that's true but what they forget to tell you was that part of the cause of this was the actual

creation of new single malts in the 1990's by Speyside Distillers, Burn Stewart Distillers and of course Isle

of Arran Distillers. Besides that investors were charged double what they should have been charged for

unknown new malts fillings. Now Isle of Arran Distillers give investors 3 options.

1. Bottle your cask for your personal consumption at a cost they estimate at 4,000. - Well I suppose

its only about 500 more than it should cost.

2. Sell your cask to Chappell Whisky Brokers for 440. A real rip off - only last month an investor was

offered 475 by the Distillers themselves. Being very cynical I suspect that Chappell are just collecting the casks in bulk and selling back to Arran having done all the admin work.

3. Take shares in Arran Distillers. You will receive 800 shares of 50p each for each cask.- Yes but what

exactly are the shares worth 10p, 20p, 1p? Who knows. They don't appear to give any indication of

their trading record or likely profitability.

I am even more amazed and disgusted that Isle of Arran is still trying to sell hogsheads of 1998 Isle of

Arran for 1,900 enraged investors told me to look on their website Yet they are

wanting investors with 10 year old to accept 440 for their casks. Our advice to you is not to sell, not to bottle yet and not to take up these shares. Hold on to your casks and get them transferred to a mainland Bond. The cost is about 30 per cask and is usually undertaken either in June or December.

Extract from Isle of Arran website on 6th February 2006

Year of Distillation      2005      2002      2001      2000      1998

Ex-Bourbon Barrel

(200 bulk 1, 120 1 pa) 750     895       950    1,350     1,500

Ex-Sherry Hogshead

1998: Ex-Bourbon Hogshead

(250 bulk 1, 150 1 pa) 995    1,250     1,450   1,750     1,900

Limited Availability       1,995 2,500      2,995   3,250     3,500



The Helpline through our legal department recently acted for an investor who purchased art prints from Ashley Jenkins. He paid the deposit by credit card and the balance by cheque. The credit card company claimed that it was a foreign contract since payment was made in euros to a Spanish Bank and the prints were meant to be stored in Spain.

The Bank refunded the deposit under their voluntary code but refused to refund the balance paid by cheque - some 27000.

After protracted negotiations with the Bank a complaint was forwarded to the Financial Ombudsman Service and finally in July 2005 the Adjudicator determined that the contract with Ashley Jenkins was governed by English Law since it was contracted over the phone with Ashley Jenkins London office. Consequently the Bank was liable to refund the whole cost of the transaction not just the deposit. So if your credit card company has not refunded you in full in respect of your Ashley Jenkins non existing prints CONTACT US NOW.

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