Glennstewart International - LMDV

End of the Road for Antony Evans - or is it!

The longest running whisky scam company was wound up in the High Court in July 2004 on a petition by the Inland Revenue. The company was run by Antony Evans and changed its name from Glennstewart International to LMDV in 2002. There has been little interest in closing down the company until now since all the investors came from

overseas. Evans specialised in selling whisky and champagne cognac at vastly inflated prices initially from a London office and latterly from Berlin. He was.renown for travelling the world - Singapore, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa - anywhere where he could part investors from their money. He always travelled first class and stayed in 5 and 6 star accommodation. Evans pretended he owned a bonding company called Glennstewart Bonding Company and investors were given a certificate confirming that GBC held a cask or casks of whisky on their behalf.

Unfortunately Evans hardly ever advised clients exactly what type of whisky they had bought or of course where it was actually bonded - if in fact it really existed.

The problem is now with the Insolvency Service. MWBH believes there are numerous casks still in Evans/Glennstewart's name at bonds in Scotland which really belong to investors and investors should contact us as soon as possible with their certificates so that they can claim their casks. In Berlin Evans set up "The Single Barrel

Collection' and began marketing the collection through whisky fairs and over the internet. A former employee emailed us recently to advise us that the company has been closed down, Evans had disappeared without paying staff and without paying suppliers.

If you have any information regarding Antony Evans's whereabouts or his activities please contact us on 01539 729555, email us on or contact the Insolvency Service at 21 Bloomsberry Street, London WC1 B3SSwhy not a private prosecution? If convicted a Compensation Order would recover investors losses.

Anybody game?

Wine Investment

The DTI appears to be winning the war against the scamsters running the wine investment racket. They state they are now receiving significantly less complaints from the public. The latest company closed down in September this year was Churchill Wines following an application by the DTI in the High Court. The company was set up in 2001 and the sole director was Malcolm Hills of Tunbridge Wells. Hills was previously company secretary of James Hewitt Associates another wine investment company closed down by the DTI.


Goldman Williams and City Vintners

Investigations still continue at the SFO regarding the activities of these wine investment companies run by Raun Austin. In February 2004 Austin and fellow director Andrew Sommerville were both

disqualified from being directors for 12 years. It

appears to have brought to an end Austin's BMW racing career - at least for this season.


Many of our home grown fraudsters appear to have fled to Australia where the authorities do not seem to take much interest. William Beasley, ex William Buchanan, ex Gleneagles

Spirit Management Company has been involved with another investment company WineOrb again hoodwinking investors and grossly overcharging them.

Australian Portfolio Wines

This is another wine investment company to be extremely wary about. It appears to be run by the Pibworth family. Spencer Pibworth was one of the super salesmen employed by Hamilton Spirit Management Company and then by House of Delacroix, Craig Dean's champagne company. He set up Bouvier UK selling Alan Thernot Champagne at vastly inflated prices. He worked with Heritage Fine Wines before setting up Australian Portfolio Wines preying on the innocent and ignorant Aussie wine investor with plenty of dollars to invest

Ex Hamilton Salesman behind Ashley Jenkins Art Fraud

Alistair Stuart Miller formerly of Hamilton Spirit Management Company and Berkerley Champagne Supplies ran Ashley Jenkins Ltd an art investment company. He used techniques learnt in the whisky and champagne scam to con investors to buy art prints which would increase in value. He produced glossy brochures about the artists and their paintings which help persuade people to buy limited edition art prints. The companies favoured technique was to sell a print for say 1,500 and then phone the investor back 4 months later and tell them that it had increased in value to say 2,000 and they wished to buy it back. Investors were so pleased with this result they often parted with 6,000 to buy a series of prints which were "soon to be released" and the investor would benefit from the immediate increase in value following release. It is debatable whether these prints ever existed certainly as yet none have been found.

The company was fronted by Miller's wife Mercedes Carbo since Miller is banned from being a director until 2011. It traded from an address in Mayfair London - a well known accommodation address. In reality it traded out of Seville as Ashley Jenkins S.L.. Investors thought they were dealing solely with a UK based company but all funds were transferred to Spain. The company was closed down in the public interest in 2003. MWBH has assisted investors to recoup their losses if they paid by credit card. The credit card companies have been taking months to pay out and are refusing to reimburse investors who paid the balances by cheque on the grounds that  these were "overseas transactions" and therefore not subject to Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Most banks have adopted a voluntary policy agreed with the O.F.T. to reimburse clients but only if payment was by credit card. We maintain that most of the Ashley Jenkins transactions undertaken were UK based in that letters and invoices came from the Mayfair office not from Spain and consequently any contract between the company and the investor was a UK contract.

A complaint has been lodged with the Financial Ombudsman and we await his decision.

Anyone who has not yet recovered their money or is having difficulty with their credit card company please contact us as soon as possible on 01539 729555 or email us on

Glennstewart International/LMDV

Following the closure of Glennstewart International by the Inland Revenue last year Michael Stephenson of Middleton and Partners of Salisbury was appointed liquidator of the company in January 2005. We understand negotiations are proceeding with regard to access to large stocks of cognac stored originally with De Bruyne who have been taken over by Jannison.

As mentioned in our last issue large quantities of whisky are stored in Scotland but not in the name of Glennstewart International or LMDV and consequently not in the control of the liquidator.

Access can be obtained to these casks if ownership of a particular cask can be proved. The problem is that the Bonded Warehouse involved is concerned that the same casks have been sold to many different investors. We are at present trying to negotiate the release of some of these casks and if anyone has bought whisky from Glennstewart/LMDV please email us on or phone (0)1539 729555 + UK code.

The infamous Anthony Evans has not surfaced and we would be pleased to hear from anyone who has information regarding his whereabouts. There are unconfirmed reports that he is in hiding in Iran!