Isn't It Time You Bottled Your Own

Since last year we have arranged the bottling and labelling of many casks. While it is quite a costly exercise at least you will end up with your own Single Malt. Some investors have taken all the bottles - about 300 in a Hogshead others have taken part and we have sold the rest through "Whisky World at the Wheatsheaf" a public house in Kendal which specialises in single malts.

The cost of bottling a Hogshead is about 600.00. Duty is usually around 2,500.00 but it does depend on how much whisky is left in the cask. The first requirement is to test the whisky by obtaining a 200m1 sample from the bond where it is held. This usually cost about 20-25. You will also need to consider the transport cost from the bond to the bottler and once bottled from the bottler to your address.

You can put your own label on the bottles but remember you cannot call it "Bowmore" "Macallan" "Bruichladdich" since these are all trade names. You can call it Single Malt Whisky from whatever distillery it is from with an age statement. We can arrange labelling for you in two colours at a cost of about 80.00 for 320 labels to your own design.

If you are interested in bottling please contact us on 01539 729555 or email us on

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With your newsletter you will find a subscription form for 2006. Some new members have already paid but if you haven't please help. It would be impossible to continue the helpline without some financial assistance. We still receive many telephone calls, letters and emails. We are available to try and answer your queries between 9am-5pm Mondays to Fridays on 01539 729580.

Many thanks for your kind support and encouragement over the past year.

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An International Scam

Australian Authorities Take Action

Against European Land Sales Partnership

Following revelations about Stephen Cleeve and his Land Banking scheme on Channel 9 TV Australia the Victoria State Authority has decided to take action against Cleeve under their Consumer Protection Legislation.

Cleeve appeared at the Perth Money Show in September and was visited by a team from Channel 9 "A Current Affair" Programme "Busting the International Con Man". As a result of the programme the Western Australian Department for Consumer and Employment Protection issued a statement warning Western Australian Investors against dealing with Cleeve and European Land Sales Australia. Consequently Cleeve was banned from the Melbourne Property Expo and quickly returned to England.

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