It does'nt take an economist to tell us that the price of whisky is dependent on supply and demand. Give me a

cask of Port Ellen and I will have brokers and Independent Bottlers clamouring to buy it. Give me a cask of Tobermory

and the only person interested appears to be Mr. Tumbull from Chappell Whisky Brokers. Consequently his price is

dire 1 .80 per litre for 7 and 8 year old. Take it or leave it.

While the whisky market is by no means buoyant brokers are picking up stock. If you have an 88 cask then I

would suggest you hang on to it till next year when it will be 15 years old and should command a better price. Here are

Some indications of the prices on offer:

Bowmore 89 3.50 per ola

Glenfarclas 88 4.50 per ola

Macallan 90 (oaked) 3.50 per ola

Isle of Jura 91 2.50 per ola

Aberlour 90 3.00 per ola

Speyside 94 1.80 per ola

We will shortly be attempting to sell in bulk a large stock of the infamous Macallan 89 which is nearly all 3rd or

4th refill oak casks. If you think you have a sherried cask then obtain a sample from the bond it is certainly worth it -a

good sherried cask is of greater value. If you are interested in amalgamating your holding then phone or email us.



In our last issue we mentioned our "Share a cask scheme" for those of us who have been left with a cask and 300 bottles is rather too many to drink when one is born with only one liver. Despite many trials and tribulations included the bottler going into Receivership we have bottled a hogshead of 1989 single malt from the Bowmore Distillery. Originally we offered 12 bottles to include labelling and delivery @ 210. Not surprisingly our new bottler's charges are double the previous bottler so I'm afraid we have had to increase the cost slightly to 225 for 12 bottles.

This is still a good deal - remember this cask has been bottled at cask strength so you are really getting 1 and a half bottles for the price of one. Just dilute to taste.

So if you would like a case contact us soon before its too late.

If anyone has a cask of Ardbeg, Caol ila or Highland Park that is 10 years or older and would like 20 or 30 bottles but

not 300 then we can set up a similar scheme.

Phone us on 01539729555

Lombard Whisky Brokers

Who are these people who tell us our casks of malt are more or less worthless and they just might gives us a few

Pounds for them. I needed to investigate and recently visited Margaret Lombard-Chibnall, the founder of Lombard Whisk~

Brokers. Her offices are on the second floor of a small town centre property in Ramsay, Isle of Man.

I was interested to find out how Margaret became involved in the whisky business. She told me that her husbands family had owned a Brewery in Stockport in the 1970's and she started broking without any real knowledge or experience of the industry. She succeeded and in the 1980's began bottling and marketing her own brands of whisky and vodka.

With the credit squeeze under the Heath government she was forced to concentrate on export markets in the USA, the Middle East and Japan. Interestingly she soon discovered that the Japanese were not keen on Vodka since it was perceived as the staple drink of the Russian peasantry. Scotch was different - it had a special cachet - an aura of opulence and wealth which appealed to the Japanese. In the early days the more expensive the whisky the more extravagant the packaging the better it sold. That all changed with the Far East recession in the early 90's and over-production in Scotland led to price cutting as producers tried to turn stock into cash.

But what of the future -the whisky industry is notoriously cyclical - is there going to be an upturn in the market? According to Margaret, "It is still a difficult time for the industry but I do see an improvement in the coming years. The problem is that it is likely to be very selective so it will not improve for investors who own bog standard Single Malts like Speyside. Tobermory, isle of Jura. etc. Indeed I do not believe it will ever improve enough for private investors who have to continue to pay warehouse rentals on their casks. There seems little point to me to hold onto their whiskies unless they wish to bottle for their own consumption or arrange their own private sale to say a golf club".

The Whisky Distilleries of the United Kingdom" by Alfred Barnard and other whisky related books purchased - Best prices paid.

Contact Speyside Books 126 High street, Aberlour. Telephone no.:- 0l 340 871 706

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