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"The Great Whisky Scam"

November 2004 Newsletter



Jupe sent down for 5 years

Glennstewart International--LMDV,

end of the road for Antony Evans--or is it?

Ex Napier Director in Land Investment Scheme

Isn't it time you bottled your own?

Wine Investment, Goldman Williams and City Vintners

Australian Portfolio Wines

Ex Hamilton Salesman behind Ashley Jenkins Art Fraud

Price Check

Questions and Answers   |  The Bordeaux Wine Scam

Glennstewart Int Ltd - A warning 

Bottling your own cask

Tobermory  |  Price Check  |  Email MWBH

August 2003 Newsletter


Speyside Distillers - Innocent or Implicated?

Antony Evans - Glennstewart International

- LMDV The Consumate Fraudster?

William Beasley scores a double whammy

with William Buchanan & Co in Scotland and

Gleneagles Spirit Management Company in Australia

Serious Fraud Office - Press Release relating to

Goldman Williams, City Vintners and other

associated companies

Bottling Your Own - is it an option?

Blackwood Distillers Holdings PLC - The Shetland Distillery


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July 2002 Newsletter

Comment     |     Fiasco at the SFO   

|     Glennstewart International--an update

Breaking the web--wine companies closed down

as investors lose millions

Rogues Gallery--where are they now

Gleneagles Spirit Management Company--an update

Price Check 2002    |    Share a cask scheme

Lombard Whisky Brokers

July 2001 Newsletter

Comment | Whisky and Champagne Fraudsters sent down

| Rogues Gallery | Price Check | The Bordeaux Wine Scam

| Grande Champagne Cognac |

Congrats who bought Grandtully |

Share a cask Scheme | More action from the SFO |

Champagne lifestyle of Blee Rosser and Dean

Time is running out if paid by credit card

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The Malt Whisky Buyers

Help Line

The Helpline was set up in 1998 by Paul Smith a 53 year old lawyer from Cumbria to assist investors who had been caught by the Great Whisky Scam of the 1990's. The D.T.I. had closed down up to 35 companies selling whisky as an investment  on the grounds of gross misrepresentation. Thousands of investors had purchased casks after recommendations by the 'quality' press only to find that they were worth only a fraction of what they had paid for them. Since 1998 Paul has recovered over 5.5 million for investors who were fortunate enough to pay their deposits by credit card and assisted well over 4000 people. A bottling company has also been set up to help investors who have been left with their casks. You can now bottle for your own personal consumption or sell through retail outlets as an alternative to selling to whisky brokers at a considerable loss. Advice is  available with regard to the wine investment scam and associated penny share scam involving companies like City Vintners, Goldman Williams and Goldberg Kravitz

To take advantage of Helpline facilities you can join for an annual fee of  10 pounds (15 pounds for those resident abroad).

Any queries please email me on or phone UK (0)1539 729555

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Ashley Jenkins FINE ART SCAM = Contact us now for credit card claims - we will recoup your losses. Did you buy prints from Ashley Jenkins Limited or Ashley Jenkins Sociedad Limitada,  now both in provisional liquidation. These companies have replicated the whisky scam techniques utilising

contemporary art prints



Malt Whisky

Buyers Helpline

February 2006 Newsletter

Burnt Again by Burn Stewart   Glennstewart International/LMDV Tobermory

Single Malt Whisky Sales     Price Check     Isle of Arran Distillers--Investors shafted yet again.

Isn't It Time You Bottled Your Own    Subscriptions for 2006

Australian Authorities Take Action Against European Land Sales Partnership


Welcome to the 9th issue of Uisge Beatha.

It is now 10 years since the whisky scam companies were at the height of their sales. The consequence is that nearly all the casks of whisky sold are at least 10 12 or 15 years old and ready for sale or bottling. Over the past year we have sold an ever increasing number of casks to reduce the losses suffered by investors. Alternatively many investors have chosen to bottle their own casks - we have bottled 15 year old oaked Macallan, 15 year old Highland Park, 15 year old Littlemill, 15 year old Bowmore, 12 year old Bruichladdich, 10 year old Speyside and 10 year old Tobermory to name just a few. The majority we have bottled at cask strength, a few at 46 and just a few we have filtered to 40. Personally I prefer to bottle at cask strength - straight out of the casks with "now't taken out and now't put in". Your own water can then be added to taste. Before bottling we always advise investors to obtain a small sample from the bond normally at a cost of about 25 - just to ensure that you are not wasting a further 3000. I have to say that only a very few casks have not been worth bottling. Much of the Speyside (Grand Tully) and Tobermory single malts have reached 10 years of age. I have been pleasantly surprised by the Speyside single malt it is quite a distinctive single malt and well worth bottling. So come on bottle your whisky, drink it and give it to your friends for next Christmas. This way you will at least prevent the scotch whisky industry from taking some of your hard earned cash. Go to Tesco or Asda to buy your scotch and you are just increasing their profits. This issue we have produced a special supplement on the land banking issue which appears to be the sequel to the ostrich scam, the whisky scam, the art scam and the wine scam and in some cases featuring the same players.


Cleeve found guilty of deceptive and misleading conduct

in Australia.

Yesterday 10th July 2007 The Supreme Court in Melbourne Australia found Stephen Cleeve ( ex Napier Spirit Company Director ) and European Land Sales Partnership engaged in conduct that was misleading or deceptive in contravention of Section 9 of the Fair Trading Act 1999.

European Land Sales Partnership had been selling plots of English land to the Australians on the basis that planning permission would be obtained in the near future when in fact none of the sites had the remotest possibility of obtaining planning permission in the near future or possibly ever.

Cleeve was forced to refund a couple of his Australian investors and the court ordered that all Australian investors  who had purchased land from Cleeve be provided with a copy of the Court Order. He was ordered to pay $10,000 dollars in costs and restrained from selling or offering for sale in Australia land unless he implemented a fair trading compliance training programme.

Australian investors will now be able to take legal action to recoup their 'investment'. Pity the many English investors who are left with nigh on worthless scraps of land and don't have the benefit of Australian Consumer Protection legislation. It's high time Trading Standards the OFT the DTI and the Serious Fraud Office took concerted action to curtail the land banking scam in this country.

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